Small Batch Gourmet Chocolates Made With Premium Ingredients

Luxurious Single Origin Artisan Chocolates Using Wild Safe Cocoa

Chocolates That Make Your Heart Sing & Put Smiles On Your Face

In Concert with Our Commitment to WILD SAFE and Protection of Wildlife, We Exclusively Source Single Origin Chocolate from Ecuador

Nuubia is a Charter Member of the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network

We are environmentally responsible artisan chocolatiers who cherish nature  and are working with farmers & wildlife biologists to create practical solutions to preserve vital ecosystems and wildlife habitat.

Our gourmet chocolates are all handcrafted from precious, humanely, and responsibly sourced ingredients sourced from farmers that coexist with wildlife.

What are artisan chocolates?

These gourmet chocolate experiences begin with the finest ingredients.  For example, we use cocoa butter instead of palm oil.  We use ethically sourced chocolates from the best producers across the globe.  Our chef combines these ingredients with her knowledge of chocolate science and her eye for exquisite design.

This produces a sensory experience where sight and taste combine for the finest chocolate in the world.

Nuubia Chocolate & Protecting Wildlife

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