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In Concert with Our Commitment to Wild Safe and Protection of Wildlife, We Exclusively Source Single Origin Chocolate from Ecuador

Nuubia Chocolate is a Charter Member of the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network

We are environmentally responsible chocolatiers and avid conservationists working with farmers & wildlife biologists to preserve vital ecosystems and wildlife habitat. Our products are all hand crafted from precious, humanely, and responsibly sourced ingredients sourced from farmers that coexist with wildlife.

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Butter is Better: How to Avoid Palm Oil

November 17, 2018

Palm oil is in thousands of products under several names. It’s the most heavily utilized vegetable oil in the world. Cultivated from fruit of oil palm trees, it’s found in nearly half of supermarket products […]

Wild Safe and the Producers of Wild Daze, the Movie

September 30, 2018

Wild DaZe and Nuubia leaders have joined forces to collaborate and create Wild SafeTM   – addressing the needs of small farmers growing cacao and creating mechanisms to supply humanely and sustainably grown ingredients, specifically cocoa beans […]

2018 Good Food Awards!

January 9, 2018

Whoo Hoo! Our Chocolate Covered Espresso Krispies has been chosen as a Finalist for the 2018 Good Food Awards! Stay Tunned…..