Pulling Back The Covers on Packaging Supply Chains

Historically the paper and packaging industry has been responsible for the ravages and destruction of virgin forests and wildlife habitats to supply the appetites of the luxury consumer markets of the world. The majority of buyers are typically unaware of what has gone into the making of their products and at what cost. Our passion is to produce exquisite products that come from the natural wonders of the Earth. Our commitment to our customers and ourselves is that we will avoid at all costs damaging the Earth to make our artisan products.

To accomplish this meant that we had to drill down into our supply chain and the manufacturing processes to incorporate strict standards — right down to the sourcing of the paper fibers contained in the customized and branded luxury packaging.



After months of investigation and research working with paper and packaging suppliers, we concluded that the only way to be 100% confident that ecosystems and habitats have not been damaged in the making of Nuubia San Francisco packaging would be to exclusively source FSC Certified papers. This extends to the paperboard that creates the exterior and interior structure of the Nuubia San Francisco boxes. It also extends to the product labels that are printed with 100% biodegradable soy inks. Incorporated in all of this is the design work of impassioned conservationists and world class designers who have taken the concept of conservation and incorporated it into a luxury brand: one that conveys beauty and compassion for the Earth’s living ecosystems. The end result is what we feel is beautifully created packaging with a strong iconic message that carries an environmental conscience.

Our goal is 100% product transparency. We have incorporated an environmental ethic into every single process from the sourcing of our raw ingredients to the creation, and finally, to the packaging and delivery of our chocolates. For you, our artisan products represent a vital way to communicate, both visually and viscerally, that you have taken the time to source products reflective of your caring for the Earth and your own sustainability missions.


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Alexandra Sunders & Lionel Clement



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